My first Oblation Run was in 1993. That was my first and only Oblation Run. I remembered my blockmates and I were all elbow to elbow, sweating along with alot of excited freshmen at AS 101 lobby. We were all busy discussing who amongst our batchmates were applicants of the Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity and if we could guess who is who just be seeing their uncovered bodies…

There was even two television crews waiting for the APO men to pass the AS lobby. Alot of the freshmen were excited girls all eyes agog. Most were virgins like me who couldn’t wait to see a naked (ney-ked) man before. 🙂

I remembered hearing screaming from gays, young girls and men alike. There were pushing and craning of necks… I was one of the small ones, squashed and push aside… my friends and I were complaining for not seeing anything but masked men screaming while running on the corridors– until one if the naked men was lifted up for all of us to see.

We were enamored… excited… then nothing… some grumbled as they scurry and we heard some of the girls saying, “ayyyy, ang panget– ang liit” I guess some were disappointed. But I wasn’t. I was happy to be a part of it. Though I was sardined between squeeling girls and gay guys, I basked in the glory of being a student of UP.

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