Ode to Chicken Curry


Pungent and yes, chicken curry is not for everybody.  My brother used to complain about the smell but eats it like a pig in the end anyway.  Let’s not discuss the bandehadong rice that he can consume. LOL
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Condiments I Cannot Do Without

For someone who putters alot in the kitchen, there are several ingredients that are always in my fridge and cupboard.  Here are some of them:
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Pinatisang Manok

Whenever I miss my Mom, I celebrate her life by cooking her recipes.  My Mom was known for her killer kare-kare, lengua estofado, corn beef from scratch and homemade sardines.  Amie as she was known to her friends like to

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Barley Pearl Drink

And so I received a huge pack of pearl barley or known to others as Jacob’s Tears from my broker/ friend, Mitch over Christmas.

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Dubu buchim

The nutritional benefits of tofu have been known for centuries.  Check out how much recipes the Korean and Japanese that have tofu on them.

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My Take on Jamie Oliver’s Classic Carbonara Recipe

My children asked me to stay clear from the usual Spaghetti or Pansit Sotanghon or my favorite all time Creamy Tuna Pasta. I asked what they wanted and one asked for Carbonara. It took awhile to find the easy to follow Carbonara recipe and I decided to try Jamie Oliver’s Classic Carbonara recipe.

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Fishstek Tagalog

After all the meat and chicken during the holidays, the children has requested for fish for a change. Fried fish or sinigang are the usual recipe choices. It’s either tanguige steak or deboned bangus.

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Maangchi Saved Christmas Lunch

I have always been a fan of Korean cooking. For that, I give credit to my favorite Ahjumma at our local Korean restaurant– Seoul Korean Restaurant, and ofcourse Maangchi.com.

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Simple Almondigas Recipe


Almondigas is one of my children’s favorite breakfast meal.  This is particularly nice when served and eaten during rainy mornings.  It is filling, inexpensive and delicious.

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Simple Aligue Fried Rice

aligue fried rice

It’s been awhile since I had aligue (read: crab fat). The last time I believe was more than 10 years ago at this Pinoy restaurant at the Shangri-La Mall.  I also had a friend back in the days who would eat her freshly cooked white rice with a teaspoon of aligue (straight from the bottle) then finish it off with a squeeze of lemon.

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